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Welcome to Jennings Photography, where the energy and vibrant moments of concerts, parties, and events come to life through the lens. With a passion for capturing the essence of live experiences, we specialize in event photography that encapsulates the heart-pounding excitement and raw emotions of every performance.

From electrifying concerts to corporate galas, our mission is to provide you with visually compelling images that transport you back to the very moment the music played or the event unfolded.

Eye for detail

As experienced concert and event photographers, we thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments. Our keen eye for detail and anticipation of fleeting moments ensure that no emotion or spectacle is missed.

Whether it’s the sweat on a musician’s brow, the crowd’s ecstatic reaction, or the finer elements of event decor, we’re dedicated to encapsulating the full spectrum of the experience.

Documentary style

With a commitment to professionalism and a knack for storytelling, we aim to deliver a collection of images that not only document the event but also evoke the emotions and memories tied to it.

Explore the world of immersive events with Jennings Photography and relive the magic of each occasion through the power of captivating imagery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us more about you...

The team consists of David (Primary Photographer) and Emma (Photography assistant).

Drawing upon years of experience and an innate eye for detail, we bring a unique perspective to every project we undertake. As an Essex-based documentary photographer, we are committed to unveiling the subtleties and intricacies that define your events.

Our approach revolves around seamless integration into the scene, allowing us to capture the behind-the-scenes energy, fleeting interactions, and unscripted emotions that often go unnoticed.

Whether it's a corporate conference, product launch, or celebratory event, we thrive in translating the authentic essence of the occasion into a series of evocative images. With a dedication to professionalism, creativity, and storytelling, we are here to collaborate with you and ensure that your moments are transformed into a visual narrative that resonates profoundly.

Aside from events, what else can you photograph?

While we specialise in events, we also have experience in other types of photography including commercial (venue, hospitality, product, food etc), portraits and also wedding work. Please reach out to us with your requirements.

Where do you cover?

We are based near Colchester, but we generally cover Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and beyond. We are happy to travel further based on your requirements.

How much do event photographers charge?

Our standard event pricing starts from £300 for a single-day event. Prices are dependent on the type of event, travel time, expenses, and estimated editing duration. It is normal for us to spend longer editing the photos than the actual shoot which is why the type of event is factored in.

If you are looking for a shorter photoshoot, we can arrange a half-day rate. For multi-day events, we may be able to offer a special rate.

Do you do staged group (non-candid) shots as well?

While we specialise in natural, candid photography, we understand there are times when this is not possible, or there may be a couple of shots that are needed outside of this style that can be accommodated. Any shots that need to be staged should be agreed upon in advance as this may require additional equipment.

How many photos should an event photographer take?

The amount of photos taken during an event will vary depending on the type of event and the amount of moments. It is normal to receive a minimum of 50 photos per hour of shooting, but if for example there is karaoke where people are coming on stage every 5 minutes, there will be many more opportunities for photos compared with a DJ playing on stage when there is no one on the dancefloor.

Ibiza Live

Music concert in Maldon

Bring The House Down

Festival in Essex

Ibiza Live

Concert in Maldon


Festival in Essex

Our documentary style of photography lets us tell the story of your event with natural emotions. Taken from the view of your guests…

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