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Understanding Documentary style Wedding Photography

Man with glasses and beard, wearing a blue shirt, holds a professional camera against a dark background.

Why did we choose Candid Photography?

When we got married ourselves, we found that we spent much of our day away from our friends and family. We liked our photos but they were all staged and could have spent time another day for this rather than interacting with our guests.

This is why we have chosen to focus on authentic and natural photos.

Capturing Authentic Moments

Documentary wedding photography, also known as wedding photojournalism, focuses on capturing the genuine, unposed moments of a wedding day. Unlike traditional photography that relies on staged poses, this style is about documenting the day as it naturally unfolds, allowing the emotions, interactions, and details to tell the story.

Embracing Authenticity

Authenticity is at the heart of documentary photography. It’s about preserving the real emotions and spontaneous moments that make each wedding unique. This approach ensures that the photos reflect the true essence of the day, providing a more meaningful and lasting memory.

Enjoying the Moment

One of the main advantages of documentary wedding photography is that it allows couples to fully enjoy their day without the interruption of constant posing. The photographer remains unobtrusive, capturing moments as they happen, so the couple and their guests can be present and immersed in the celebration.

A man in a black vest is standing in front of a door.
Black and white photo of a bride in her wedding dress.

Inclusivity of Friends and Family

This style also emphasizes the importance of friends and family, capturing the candid interactions and heartfelt moments that occur throughout the day. From the joyful laughter to the emotional tears, documentary wedding photography ensures that every significant moment is documented, creating a comprehensive narrative of the event.

Storytelling and Narrative

At its core, documentary wedding photography is about storytelling. Each photograph is a piece of the larger narrative, capturing the sequence of events and the emotions experienced by the couple and their loved ones. The photographer’s goal is to create a visual story that encapsulates the essence of the wedding day, from the anticipation and excitement of the preparations to the joy and celebration of the reception.

Through a series of candid shots, the photographer captures the subtle glances, the spontaneous laughter, and the intimate moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. This narrative approach ensures that the final collection of photos is not just a series of individual images, but a cohesive story that reflects the unique journey of the couple’s wedding day.